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You have the power to uncover students’ aptitudes and match best-fit career pathways in YouScience® Aptitude & Career Discovery.

When students know their aptitudes, they find a whole new world of education options and best-fit in-demand careers to better succeed in school and life.

Expand student horizons with personalized aptitude discovery

Students who understand their aptitudes are empowered. They find relevance and a meaningful direction in school and beyond.

And, YouScience Aptitude & Career Discovery is the only personalized aptitude-based college and career guidance solution available.

Students simply take a series of brain games to discover their aptitudes, interests, and matching best-fit careers. Careers they never knew or thought possible.

It’s not magic. It’s 50 years of scientific proof and proprietary algorithms that unlock career success.

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Improve student engagement

Knowing aptitudes makes the connection between education, career, and life relevant.

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Empower every student

Equalize the playing field to support and improve diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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Offer personalized guidance

Help each student discover the best-fit pathway that’s as unique as they are with more than 87 billion possible Aptitude & Career Discovery aptitude results.

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Tackle real issues

Use results and the features in Aptitude & Career Discovery to support student engagement, work-based learning, connections with employers, and community-building.




Why Aptitude & Career Discovery?

Backed by science

It’s the leading science-backed, aptitude-based individual college and career assessment.

Built using innovative technology

Brain games are based on more than 50 years of scientific research on aptitudes.

Delivers hyper-personalized results

Each student gets a personalized report that surfaces their aptitudes, matching education pathways, including CTE certifications and careers.

Connects to 600+ real-world, in-demand careers

Students’ results are aligned with more than 600 real-world in-demand career opportunities from O*NET OnLine and the education and training paths to get there.


Connects students to employers

Students see employers who want their aptitudes and certification for jobs, work-based learning opportunities, apprenticeships, and internships.


Includes educator insights and reports

Educators access data to guide students to the right courses and pathways, maximize funding, make program improvements, drive diversity, maximize work-based opportunities, and more.

Frequently asked questions

What's an aptitude?

An aptitude is an individual’s natural ability to learn or perform in given areas. Aptitudes are not the same as interests, personality, or learned skills, which are environmentally dependent and change over time. For example, someone can’t be interested in something they’ve never been exposed to, but aptitudes are innate and solidify around the age of 14.¹ Someone is good at something that is innate regardless of exposure.

How does this help prepare students?

Once students discover best-fit careers, Aptitude & Career Discovery shows education pathways to qualify for those careers — whether certifications, colleges, or both. They can access YouScience Industry Certifications used by their school in career and technical education (CTE) programs. They also access real employers with in-demand internships, work-based learning opportunities, and jobs who want and need their skills, education, and aptitudes.

What aptitudes does Aptitude & Career Discovery measure?

Aptitude & Career Discovery measures 9 aptitudes that are key to career performance: idea generation, numerical reasoning, spatial visualization, sequential reasoning, inductive reasoning, visual comparison speed, timeframe orientation, vocabulary, and work approach.

Aptitude & Career Discovery also includes five added optional brain games to let users assess their aptitudes for numerical computation, associative memory, hand-eye coordination, visual memory, and pattern memory, and amplify their career matches.

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