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Make work-based learning less work for your teachers

Help educators find and manage their partners, run their work-based learning activities, and manage their advisory boards with YouScience® Work-Based Experiences.

Work-based learning plays a critical role in introducing students to the kinds of occupations that can drive their sense of passion and purpose. Work-Based Experiences from YouScience can help.

Connect students to their future opportunities through work-based learning

From talking with guest speakers to participating in on-the-job internships, work-based learning activities help students understand the options available to them, explore the professions that interest them, and then actively prepare for a future in those fields.

Work-Based Experiences helps educators easily set up and manage their activities, including signing student learning agreements, sharing documents, tracking hours, and much more to ensure that every work-based learning activity is a quality experience.

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Track student activity

Keep students on task by tracking time sheets and progress.

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Engage employers

Make sure employers are part of the team, understanding their roles, and supporting students.

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Manage your advisory boards

Invite members, send invitations, track attendance, and share essential documents.

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Pull districtwide reports

See WBL activity by student, educator, partner, type of activity, and more across all of your schools.

Why Work-Based Experiences

Designed by experts

Work-Based Experiences was developed by experts on work-based learning and advisory boards.

Provides schoolwide access

Every educator, administrator, student and employer at your school can have an account in Work-Based Experiences.

Offers powerful reporting

Instantly generate detailed reports on work-based learning across your school or district.


Customize your system

Add your logo, create your forms, and modify lists to provide a custom experience for your schools.


Match students with opportunities

Invite students to the Opportunity Board to find and pursue WBL opportunities.

Find new partners

Use the Employer Directory to allow educators to search for new partners by multiple criteria.

Real-world, relevant content

Employers from across the country and in your town support students’ career exploration by sharing information on their industry and the occupations for which they hire; many also provide them with work-based learning opportunities. A few of the employers in our system include:

Frequently asked questions

What do I get with my Work-Based Experiences account?

Work-Based Experiences subscriptions are schoolwide accounts: Every educator, administrator, student, and employer involved with your school will have access. If you order a multisite or district license, your district or regional accounts will have access to all your sites and can run multisite reports accordingly.

Can I connect Work-Based Experiences to my student information system?

Work-Based Experiences is compatible with every major SIS and the majority of the rest. We can provide live rostering and single sign-on in any way that works for you.

Can I use Work-Based Experiences to track student hours?

Yes. Work-Based Experiences comes with three different templates for time sheets, including single-event, daily, and multiday, so your students can submit hours in any format you prefer. They can now also upload supporting documents with their time sheets, and you can choose to have employers verify their hours.

Can my students use Work-Based Experiences on their phones?

Yes. Work-Based Experiences is a browser-based application, and its interface changes to accommodate any screen size, whether you’re using it on your computer, tablet, phone, or other device.

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