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Certify student knowledge and readiness with industry-recognized certifications from YouScience®.

In today’s job market, knowledge and skills to do the job are more important than where and what you studied. YouScience Industry Certifications offer students entry- to mid-level certifications that act as tangible proof of what they know and can do.

Give students proof of their skills and knowledge

Employers prioritize skills and knowledge over education in many careers. But, students need proof of these skills and knowledge.

YouScience Industry Certifications offer students entry- to mid-level certifications that act as tangible proof of their skills and knowledge. Proof that helps them enter the workforce or skip entry-level college courses, gain preferred hiring status, or earn a wage increase.

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Backed by expertise

Experts from industry, education, government, associations, and internal specialists work together to develop and maintain exam standards.

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Aligns with curriculum

Exam standards closely align with current top curriculum to connect what students learn with their certification.

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Extends program support

Educators access validated industry standards, exams, and data to support their programs and meet federal and state requirements.

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Measures student growth

Comprehensive pre- and post tests let educators measure student growth, drive program improvements, and adapt to local pathway needs.

“[YouScience Industry Certifications does] a great job of analyzing students’ knowledge of core content. I am the on-site trainer for other teachers and the site is so user-friendly that it makes my job very easy.”

— CTE teacher, Illinois


Why YouScience Industry Certifications?


More than 200 exams

More than 200 exams are available in all National Career Clusters and soft skills.

Built-in reporting

District-level reporting capabilities support Perkins V programs requirements, measuring student growth, driving program improvements, and increasing program diversity.

Expertly produced

Exams are created, reviewed, and approved by education and industry experts with in-depth knowledge of industry needs.


Stackable certifications

Certifications are stackable to better support student, educator, and program needs.

Remote proctoring

Support for remote proctoring gives educators flexibility.


Alignment with leading curricula

Aligns with course and curriculum from leading publishers partners including National Geographic Learning, Cengage, Pearson, B.E. Publishing, and more.

Frequently asked questions

What makes YouScience Industry Certifications better than other certifications?

YouScience Industry Certifications are the nation’s largest library of industry-recognized exams. Exams are available for all National Career Clusters, offer detailed district-level reporting, can be proctored remotely, and support pre- and posttesting. Precision Exams are 100% online, making it easier for you and your students to certify their skills.

What exams are available?

YouScience offers more than 200 entry- to mid-level industry certifications that align with the National Career Clusters Framework. We also offer an employability and soft skills cluster. Each certification comes with a comprehensive set of standards created by industry and education subject matter experts (SMEs). See available clusters and exams.

What are the top exams?

A few of our most popular exams include the 21st Century Skills exams. This cluster includes the 21st Century Success Skills exam that assesses employability or soft skills, General Financial Literacy, and Preparing for College and Careers. Other popular certifications and certification groups include information technology, food and nutrition, medical terminology, manufacturing, business, and construction trades. See available clusters and exams.

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