Careers at YouScience

Imagine working for a company where helping individuals unlock their potential and finding their best-fit future is part of your job description. Now, picture working alongside a team where everyone believes in the product, you’re working with top talent in their respective departments, and everyone whole-heartedly supports the mission. Add in leaders who want to develop talent, have plans and processes in place to support customers and a growing employee base—and you’ve got one incredible career opportunity.

That’s who we are. We are YouScience. Join us.


Join Our Team

Benefits of working at YouScience

  • Mission oriented, collaborative culture that lives its company values
  • Impact the lives of millions of students
  • Flexibility to work remote, hybrid, or in office, dependent on role
  • Ongoing support for continuing education and career development
  • Opportunity to work and learn alongside some of the industry’s most passionate innovators
  • Comprehensive health and supplemental benefits including free Employee Assistance Program
  • 401K
  • Monthly home office allowance (including cell phone and internet)
  • Generous PTO and company holiday schedule
  • Company wide closure 1st week of July and last week of December for employee time off
  • Community service opportunities with 8 paid volunteer hours per year

CEO – Edson Barton

Sometimes, all it takes is recognition of who a student really is that gives them the confidence they need to reach their potential. Watch how one counselor helped change the trajectory of a student’s life through YouScience Discovery.

Our values

We’re Always Authentic

We empower others

In all that we do we seek to empower others to better achieve their goals and contribute to their personal, team, and company success. We expand equity and access to opportunities and information, and we encourage personal exploration, growth, responsibility, and accountability.

We perform as a cohesive championship team

To be great teammates we seek first to understand others and we communicate honestly, proactively, openly, courageously, professionally, and quickly. We are coachable and humble, seeking feedback from others while leaving behind our pride, defensiveness, and egos – we do not seek to be offended. We trust our teammates and we build our personal trust by being accountable and responsible for our words and actions. We embrace team and personal accountability and use accountability measures to drive improvement.   

We are all leaders

Each one of us is a leader to those around us. We use our influence, attitude, example, and actions to help uplift and guide others to our team goals. Leadership is earned and demonstrated by being humble enough to do whatever it takes to get the job done in the best way possible, regardless of job title, tenure, or hierarchy. We are purposeful, passionate, and invested in the important Mission of YouScience.   

We never stop growing

We are dedicated to professional and personal growth – in ourselves and in others. We never want to stop growing because the more we grow the more we are experiencing new and amazing things – this inspires us. We believe that hard work is noble and inspiring, and we set big goals and push ourselves to accomplish great things. We recognize that if we’re coasting, we’re going downhill – away from our goals and our best selves.

We make a positive impact

Making a positive impact comes from doing good, doing things that we are proud of, that are built to last, and that improve the lives of others now and in the future. With everyone we interact with or influence we strive to make a positive difference in their lives. We live and work in such a way that when others talk about us it will be said, “they are truly awesome – I am a better person today because of who they are and what they did.” 

We show respect in word and in deed

We work with amazing team members, individual users, customers, and partners and we proactively strive to show our appreciation for them by the things we do and say to them. We particularly believe that dedicated educators are frontline heroes that deserve our respect and best efforts. We never take those we serve for granted – it is truly our privilege to be a part of their lives.  

We remember that life is bigger than our work

While our Mission is critically important and urgent, it ultimately is about helping individuals enjoy fulfilled, engaged, and happy lives – that includes everyone at YouScience. We love the humanity of us all – our quirks, our strengthens, our weaknesses, our goodness. We work hard to see others for who they are – unique individuals with hopes and dreams, fears and worries, joys and pains beyond what we normally see at work.