Career-connected learning for all

Let’s build career development, career-connected coursework, and work-based learning that work for you and your students.

Make career-connected learning a powerful platform for changing lives

Tremendous resources and people are working together to unlock student potential and help them connect their education pathways to the right careers. Our team stands ready to help you make this vision possible. We bring decades of experience, insights, and frameworks together in bespoke programs to help you succeed.
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Career development education

Connects student knowledge to individual opportunities to increase student engagement.

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Employer Engagement

Expands support and industry engagement in education, promotes partnerships, creates ownership across a community, and facilitates industry expertise and guidance within the educational sector.

CTE, Career Pathways, and Career Academies

Provides student-centered solutions, improves school culture, and provides a network for student support.

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Career Connected and Work-based Learning

Fosters opportunities for students and industry to purposefully connect, promotes real engagement and experiences, increases students’ ability to apply practical skills, and increases talent pipelines with skilled employees.

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Collaborative Initiatives

Our Profile of a Graduate solution assembles a holistic education, improves community and industry connections, and encourages community ownership. Our collaborative solutions incorporate input and expertise from a variety of sources.

Student Studying

Career development education

Education leaders need help to create a systematic approach to career development education. Our team of consultants has decades of experience helping create strategies designed to help students make better decisions about education, work, and life.

Lab Workers

Industry engagement and work-based learning

Our consultants use proprietary consulting tools and frameworks to help schools, districts, or colleges find and engage business partners, create high-impact work-based learning experiences, and manage effective advisory committees.

Profile of a graduate

Get help from leading experts on how to create and implement a profile of a graduate in your school.

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Career-connected learning and career pathway development

Use our Pathways System Framework as key planning tools. Get access to strategic planning services, communication planning, training, and connections programs.

Hans Meeder

Inform and inspire your audience with a keynote from Hans Meeder

Hans Meeder is a noted author, presenter, former federal education official, and for over 25 years, a respected leader in the field of career-connected learning. He delivers inspiring keynotes designed to encourage teachers, education leaders, and business partners to improve their work on behalf of students.

Available keynote addresses:

  • Discovering hope and purpose through
    career-connected learning
  • Workforce 2030: The future of America’s workforce and the education connection
  • Leadership 360: Leading yourself, leading from the middle, leading change

To book a speaking engagement with Mr. Meeder, please email:

Number of good, well-paying jobs that are less vulnerable to automation available today.1

30% of high school graduates surveyed were not following any educational or career pathway.2
More than 75% of graduates did not feel fully prepared to make a decision on their future career or education during high school. 2