YouScience Executive to be Honored as a Recipient of the 2024 Utah Business CEO of the Year Award

The event honors CEOs who have led their organizations with strength, courage, and endurance and have made it their mission to make Utah a leading state for business.

AMERICAN FORK, Utah, March 21, 2024 – Edson Barton, CEO of YouScience®, was honored as one of the esteemed recipients of the 2024 Utah Business CEO of the Year award at an event in Salt Lake City, Utah. With an unwavering commitment to empowering individuals in their educational and career journeys, Barton’s leadership has propelled YouScience to the forefront of the edtech industry.

Since assuming the role of CEO in 2006, Barton has spearheaded YouScience’s mission to revolutionize career discovery and educational planning. Under his guidance, YouScience has developed groundbreaking solutions that leverage aptitude-based assessments to help individuals make informed decisions about their futures. The flagship platform, YouScience® Brightpath, not only assists students in understanding their strengths but also facilitates seamless connections between education and industry.

Barton’s strategic acumen has been instrumental in navigating YouScience through a series of strategic mergers and acquisitions, consolidating its position as a leader in the field. Under Barton’s leadership, the company has received accolades, such as the Top EdTech Products of the Year award for 2024 by District Administration, recognizing its innovative contributions to the field of education technology. Additionally, YouScience has been honored with the EdTech Breakthrough Award for Overall Career Prep Solution of the Year and Overall College Prep Solution of the Year, showcasing its commitment to comprehensive student support.

YouScience’s remarkable growth trajectory further exemplifies Barton’s leadership prowess. With consecutive double-digit growth over the past three years and a steadfast expansion of its workforce locations across the US, YouScience continues to make a significant impact on millions of students and employers nationwide.

Reflecting on this prestigious honor, Barton expressed gratitude for the unwavering support of his team and reiterated YouScience’s dedication to empowering individuals to unlock their full potential.

“At YouScience, we believe in the transformative power of aptitude-enabled education. I’m honored by this recognition, it’s a testament to the entire YouScience team, and we are more committed than ever to equip students with the tools they need to succeed in an ever-evolving world.”

About YouScience®

YouScience® is the leading technology provider dedicated to solving the skills gap crisis for students and employers. Its end-to-end platform, YouScience® Brightpath, connects education with career applications designed to help students unlock their potential for future pathways. YouScience leverages proven research, artificial intelligence, and industry input to help individuals identify their natural talents, validate their skills and knowledge, and get matched with real-world educational and career pathways in high-demand occupations. YouScience is the preferred choice of individuals, parents, educators, and counselors to guide and support educational and career pathways, currently serving more than 7,000 educational institutions and nearly one million users.