Human Services


Because there are dozens of possible professions within the fields of health and human services, it is very important for workers to have a basic idea of where they want to take their career. Luckily, Precision Exams enables you to flexibly and affordably allow your students to test out their interests before committing.


Adult Roles and Financial Literacy

Adult Roles and Responsibilities

Child Development

Customer Service

Early Childhood Education I

Early Childhood Education IA

Early Childhood Education IB

Early Childhood Education II

Event Planning and Management

Fashion Design Merchandising I

Fashion Design Merchandising II

Fashion Design Studio

Guide Dog Training

Nursing Assistant

Personal Financial Responsibility

Preparing for colleges and careers

Sewing Construction and Textiles I

Sewing Construction and Textiles II

Sewing Construction and Textiles III 

Sports and Outdoor Product Design I

Sports and Outdoor Product Design II

Teaching as a Profession I

Teaching as a Profession II

Teaching as a Profession III

Textile Technology

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