If you’ve ever looked at a prism, you’ll be struck by the way light changes color and intensifies as it passes through the glass. As white light enters a prism it actually slows, bends, and separates into its different component colors—violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. These colors are in fact different wavelengths, some longer and some shorter. The outcome of this process is an enhanced display of light that is both beautiful and inspiring.

In the same way a prism transforms light into equally beautiful but now focused and unique colors, our education system should do the same for our students—enabling and empowering them to find their own amazing and distinct paths forward.

I am one of the ardent and unabashed believers that the United States educational system as a whole is among the very best in the world. Its teachers and administrators are passionate and intentional about helping students find success. No profession is held closer to my heart, and I’ve dedicated my career to helping all students and educators. 

Many students do pass through the educational system and rise to their full potential. Sadly, however, far too many students struggle, and the majority of Americans do not realize the benefits and full ROI of the education to career promise. For example, in the United States, approximately 2 million high school students dropped out of school in 20201; 1 in 3 students never go to any type of post-secondary education2; 40 percent of undergraduate college students drop out3; and of those that do finish college, only 27 percent will ever work in a field related to their major.4 

We need a better path.


Introducing YouScience® Brightpath

Today, we are proud to announce the launch of YouScience® Brightpath to the world. Brightpath is the first-of-its-kind technology that elevates student success by enabling the convergence of education and industry that empowers every student to find and pursue the right and unique pathway for them.

Brightpath is specifically designed to help all students—regardless of gender, race, or economic background—prepare for academic and career success, by bringing the real world into a student’s education journey and enabling personalized pathway exploration in school and beyond. 

Like the light through a prism, Brightpath helps each student discover and display their unique qualities which then enhance and focus their way forward. It enables all students to find their why, their purpose, and their path. It truly is a smarter, more efficient, more personalized, and better path forward for all students. 

There are moments in life when “the light” hits just right and you know that what you’re seeing, experiencing, or even feeling is a transformational moment in time that will change the world in significant and beautiful ways. Today is one of those moments. 

I invite you to come and see how Brightpath empowers students to find and see their path in a new and better light. To learn more visit: youscience.com/brightpath.