Mar. 9, 2022, “The Discovery of ‘You,’” published by the The Miami County Republic, covers the experience of using the YouScience Discovery career-based aptitude assessment at Paola High School (PHS) in Kansas. Discovery is an aptitude assessment PHS implemented this year.  In the article, PHS counselor Burl Powell is shown reviewing his YouScience Discovery results. His results reveal that he is an extrovert and a brainstormer.

In the article, Powell shares that he heard about the YouScience Platform in a professional development call with his colleagues and loved the idea of using brain games to measure aptitudes. He loved it so much, he got the high school to offer Discovery to every student. In the future, all incoming freshmen will take the assessment as a standard part of their curriculum.

Students at the school are encouraged to take the assessment’s nine brain games over a three-day period. Student results are added to their Individual Plan of Study (IPS), a tool used to guide students’ career pathways. At PHS, students enter with an IPS that’s started when they’re in the seventh grade. Students and counselors use assessment results to explore careers that fit each student’s aptitudes and interests as uncovered in the Discovery assessment. 

In addition to stating that his Discovery results were “pretty spot on,” the article notes, “It’s Powell’s hope that the YouScience program will help students recognize their strengths and consider some career opportunities they may not have before. He used an example of a girl who was excited to explore engineering career recommendations based on her aptitudes when she previously had never considered that career route.”

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