Mar. 14, 2022, the Americus Times Recorder published an article titled “The day Ignite College and Career Academy put the skids on a family business” by Tracy K. Hall. In the article, Hall shares how her experience taking YouScience Discovery aptitude assessment validated her career choice in a time when she doubted the career path she’d taken.

Hall shares that her father was an engineer. He always envisioned her becoming an engineer, so they could work together at a jointly owned consulting firm. Hall though discovered early that math wasn’t her strong suit and struggled with it throughout middle and high school. This created doubts for her about becoming an engineer. 

She decided to become a therapist instead, even though her dad didn’t understand her choice. Eventually, when therapy jobs became scarce, Hall found herself doubting her chosen career path. She wondered if she should pursue jobs available in engineering instead, until she took YouScience Discovery.

Last November, while touring Ignite College and Career Academy, Hall was encouraged by the CEO of Ignite, Don Gilman, to take Discovery. She was happy to find that her results proved that she’d made the right career choice.

In talking about Discovery, Tracy writes, “It frightened me to think I had missed the mark with my investments into my profession. I would love if that fear never presented itself to a younger student. It clears a path, and it makes my feet confident on this path. At 50, I still need that. At 16 it’s imperative.” 

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