When entering the world of industry work, you’ve got to put yourself ahead of the bunch; but this can seem impossible when there’s so much competition out there. On average, each corporate job opening receives 250 resumes – and only four to six of these people will get an interview. With so many to look through, the only way employers will notice your resume is if you can show them your suitability at a glance. Already, your CTE certification gives you a huge boost ahead of applying for work – it proves your mastery of the relevant skills. What you need to make sure your resume does is show evidence of these skills in action as clearly and succinctly as possible. 

Make sure the design is clear and dynamic 

This is a must. If a resume is not clear, a potential employer will not waste time on it. A good, clear layout entails readable content that is intelligent but not overly complicated and has innovative simple graphic details to make it memorable. To make a clearly and professionally designed resume, utilize layout to your advantage. Make use of headings, delineate with small design aspects like borders and stick to a simple two-tone color scheme. Employers are more likely to read through your skills and employment history if they’re easy on the eye

Keep the content current, condensed and relevant 

Keeping your resume up-to-date doesn’t just mean adding in details as they become relevant; it means cutting out what’s unnecessary too. The resume you submit has to be a condensed version that is of the most relevance to them. Highlight key-points and buzzwords that would otherwise get lost. More importantly, refer back to the job post to see exactly which skills are needed of a perfect candidate, and make sure your resume represents all of those in some form.  If you need help with content, take a look at the back of your CTE certificate. The knowledge standards on the back clearly articulate the skills and knowledge you’ve proven.

Present the key skills industry employers look for 

As Bruce A. Hurwitz, a New York based career counselor and recruiter, advises, “All an employer cares about is the candidate’s actual accomplishments“, so make sure these are at the forefront. Remember, your CTE qualifications already show your relevant skills, so focus the content on instances where you have implemented them such as projects or previous work experience. Some key tips for building a clear and focused resume would be:

– Emboldening every skill that is universal to all industries, such as communication, leadership and using initiative

– Making it clear by using bullet points for industry-relevant experience, stressing your suitability for the job

– Simplifying your resume layout as to draw focus to your knowledge, whilst also exemplifying your own presentation skills

By following this vital advice on building a relevant and noteworthy resume, employers will be able to see the value of your CTE certifications, related industry experience and overall suitability in an instant. No matter which industry you’re headed towards – be it in computing, design, programming or entrepreneurship – make sure your resume sets you apart from the rest as the ideal candidate.

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