There was a time when achievement was celebrated.  First place teams won first place trophies and last place teams went home hoping for a better season next year.  In an age where “participation awards” have become the standard, how can those who have truly achieved, stand out?

Your students have worked hard to earn a certificate in your class.  They have studied, engaged, taken a national, high stakes exam and have achieved recognition in the form of a certificate.  Don’t underestimate the motivating and empowering effect that can have on students.  In fact – celebrate your students’ achievements to show others where they want to be.

Set the tone 

At the beginning of the year, let students (and parents) know there is an opportunity to earn a certificate in your course.  Show them the  ”How CTE Helps Your Future” video and discuss ways students can use their certificates to improve their resumes and college applications.  Show them career and education tracks where their certificate will help them progress in work and education.


As students earn certificates, publicly recognize their achievement. Create a wall of fame and post copies of certificates.  Take pictures of students with their certificates and post them on appropriate social media avenues.  Don’t forget to tag @PrecisionExams / #CTEcertification / #industrycertified – we will celebrate with you!


Ask the director, principal, or superintendent to present the certificates to students.  Print certificates on heavy paper and present them in a nice, navy folder.  Use pins and cords to recognize each certificate achievement.  

You have the opportunity to set the tone for students to want to achieve a CTE certificate.  Prepare them at the beginning of the year so they can see why it matters to study and engage in your class.  When they achieve their goal, celebrate their success and show others where they can be in the future.