Sequential reasoning refers to a person’s ability to mentally process and organize information.

A person with high sequential reasoning skills can automatically shuffle and organize large amounts of information. Because these people can logically add, sort, store and retrieve information easily, they often don’t feel the need to write down ideas or have their physical surroundings organized in a  structured way.

Here are some tips for success for people with high sequential reasoning skills.

  • Make sure you have visible plans, schedules and explanations for others on your team. They’re not mind-readers.
  • Take time to share your thought process with others on your team. This helps build their confidence in the logic of your plan.
  • Create order out of chaos per your natural abilities and jump in and save the day.
  • Use your gift at organizing thoughts; it should help you write clear, logical communications. Look for chances to contribute this way.

If sequential reasoning isn’t one of your highest natural aptitudes, you may feel the need for established processes in school and work and enjoy planning events for school functions or working on a particular piece of a larger project. You’re more about planning and less about execution.

Here are some tips for success for those who may not strong in sequential reasoning.

  • Take your time to collect your thoughts when working on large projects. When writing an essay, it can help you to jot down ideas on paper before you begin writing.
  • Ask questions. If you’re confused about specifics of a project or assignment, don’t be afraid to speak up and ask for more explanation.
  • Volunteer to coordinate the details of a specific part of a project when working in a group. This will give you the opportunity to focus your attention on one essential aspect of a group project.

An awareness of your natural aptitudes provides you with insight needed to perform your best in school or work. Sequential reasoning is one of 14 aptitudes the YouScience Discovery assessment measures toward determining an individuals best-fit careers and best education pathways to attain those careers.

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