Apr. 24, 2018, the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation announced that the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce partnered with Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) for their annual career fair, “My Future, My Way.” The goal of the fair was to  expose students to potential careers and connect local employers to future workers. 

The fair brought 7,000 9th graders and more than 300 business leaders together. 

The article stated, “The Nashville Chamber has made improvement of public education its number one priority. With the right tools and guidance, we believe our community can help educators shrink the skills gap and nurture a broader, more diverse talent pool that is ready and willing to tackle industry challenges.”

One of the tools used to prepare students for the event was YouScience Discovery.

Read more about how the Nashville Chamber is helping students explore and prepare for different career options in the full article, Building a Stronger Talent Pool: How the Nashville Chamber Helped Students Get Excited about In-Demand Careers, on the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s website.