What do you naturally do well? Let’s unravel this riddle.  

Maybe you can quickly do calculations in your head. Maybe you’re a really colorful storyteller, a puzzle master, or a super detailed planner. Even if you don’t realize it, you have tons of talent.

YouScience Discovery brain games match what you’re good at (aptitudes) and what you like to do (interests) with in-demand careers where you’ll have a competitive advantage. That project, schoolwork, or hobby that just comes easy to you? You can thank your aptitudes for that – and we’ll help you uncover all of them.  


Do you have a favorite hobby? Game? Would you rather be hanging outside or staying indoors? All of that – your preferences, your interests, your favorites – impact the careers that you’ll enjoy the most. And while interests change as we grow and experience new thingswhat you like today is important in planning your next steps!


What is an “aptitude” anyway? It’s a shorter way of saying “the natural ability.” You have some amazing talent. Everyone does. Some of us are talented test takers or project makers, story writers, or puzzle solvers. Whatever you excel at, YouScience helps uncover the kind of problems your brain is wired to solve. Then, we connect that potential with the programs and careers that need you.


Your best-fit future lies where your talent and passion meet. YouScience Discovery is designed to reveal both your natural abilities and personal interests – the perfect combo. Your profile includes in-depth details about what makes you awesome, matches to more than 500 careers, and detailed career info, like a day in the life, salary, and how to get there.  

What do you want to be when you grow up?

When we are younger, the question “What do you want to be when you grow up” is easy to answer. Maybe we don’t realize just how many choices there are – or maybe everything just seems more possible? Either way, as time goes on, the question becomes harder to answer and our excitement and confidence about what comes next begins to fade.

We get it, and we can help.  

“It’s really nice to have a program to allow you to figure out what career path would be best for you to go down or maybe a career that you hadn’t even thought of.”


— Student, Jones County High School, GA

What do civil engineers, sheriff deputies, and astronomers have in common? 

They’re all likely to be “visual scanners” – are you?

Or, do you quickly organize ideas and schedules? A “sequential thinker” can process complex systems and information – which is important for a jobs like an air traffic controller. Whatever your top talents, you have some amazing potential! 

Let’s discover your superpowers (no radioactive spider needed).

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